Hanging By A Limb: Use the 8 Limbs of Yoga to Stop Panic Attacks

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Learn how to apply the principles of yoga to stop having panic attacks.

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Yoga, not merely a series of postures where one twists themselves into a pretzel, is an entire system on which one can model a healthy, productive life. The Yoga Sutras are an ancient series of non-denominational statements, organized into eight categories called limbs, that detail how to live in such a way. In 1978, Swami Satchidananda published a modern day interpretation of the Sutras, which quickly became the standard translation about the eight limbs of yoga and remains so to this day. Hanging By A Limb provides practical advice on using the limbs to break the horrific cycle of panic attacks. Deb shares relatable personal stories of a long, bumpy journey with panic disorder. Complete with checklists, breathing techniques, physical postures and – of course – her dry wit, she gives invaluable insights and tips on how to make lifestyle changes that will lower one’s panic threshold. Similar to taking straw off the proverbial camel’s back, removing even small stressors will, at first, make one less susceptible to panic attacks. Then, after practicing the provided tools, one will be able to avoid having them in the first place.

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